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“Meet the Founder”

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Monique Obeze {Est. 2006-Present} has more than 17 years in fashion styling and fashion show production. Ms. Obeze has left a distinctive mark in the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industry. Monique has worked as a fashion stylist, chief executive officer, and founder of her respective brands. This lady is more than a successful individual; she feels that it is important to share her expertise, knowledge, and more importantly, experience and perspective with up-and-coming creatives in the fashion industry.

Fashion Show

Our Mission

Our mission was created and manifested at a time post covid when fewer opportunities were presented or offered to them. To thrust her sophisticated high fashion aesthetics forward as an influential creative, essentially forming storytelling through the elegance of fashion. Our brand, Unieke Mode New York Fashion Week has fortified powerful work leading to the creation of a fashion-forward platform. As we spotlight a highly favored
selection of fashion designers, Unieke Mode NYFW will continue to forge those with a natural talent for fashion forward.
Come, watch, witness, and fall in love with their distinct aesthetics that everyone will be watching for in years to come.

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